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Every week we have  'fixed menu' suppers-- menus, generally with 3 courses, themed by season, holiday or local event OR selected because it was deemed interesting from a culinary arts point of view or a dish thought to be reliably delicious.
To See Fixed Menu suppers for this week, click here.
Every Thursday 5 p.m. Jane's Authentic Cocktail Society...
with Rotating Craft Cocktails Every Week!
To the general public, it's South Fourth Street, Danville, Kentucky. To the JACS ~ Jane’s Authentic Cocktail Society ~ an august body of Hipsters and Bon Vivants, it's SoFo. A place and a state of mind where the cognoscenti gather at Jane Barleycorn's Market & Bar on Thursdays from 5-7 to rub elbows with friends and enjoy a brew, a cocktail, or eclectic dining. Join us any time. Membership is immediate and confers no obligation other than conviviality.
Wine Salon is a seated, seminar-style tasting led by Helen Emmitt.  Helen is a native Californian, seasoned gourmet and oenophile, and works as Professor of English Literature.  She brings these experiences, plus extensive wine travel, into consideration as she teaches and leads a discussion on five tastings of wine per salon session.  Wines vary in price and are chosen due to their value, seasonal appeal, and uniqueness.  Limited to 24 people, and approximately an hour and a half long, Wine Salon is a very pleasant way to simultaneously enjoy an evening, enrich your knowledge and acquire wines of good value.  
To inquire about this month's Wine Salon or be added to the email list, email this address
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