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A Loquacious Wine store

This has been on my  'to do' list for at least two years:  Create a loquacious wine store!

What do I mean?  I mean a wine store that never stops talking--talking about where a bottle  comes from, the specific terroir of the land--how the family acquired the land and the history of the grapes planted and the thinking behind it.  There are so many elements that culminate in the expression of a bottle of wine:  Are these grapes grown in virtual slate rock in the region of Priorat where it snows and the vines are old and look decrepit  because the phylloxera disease never crept  to such a remote place and thus the grapes ultra-concentrated with flavor from years of struggle?   Or perhaps the grapes live a different life on the West Coast of the United States at high elevations, getting Pacific ocean fog at night and hot sun in daytime but shifting to shade as the sun moves from east to west  mountain itself blocks the rays of the sun?   there  are a thousand questions to ask and to  appreciate when the task of winemaking falls onto a family.  

The embodiment, the bottle that ends on your table-- that is something we should talk about it!


Here's a photo of grapes growing in Priorat,  Spain... you see what I mean.. Quality  of  grape character comes from struggling in the rocks!

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